policy at pranav's town

an overview of how visitors are treated here.


there are no advertisements, no paywalls, no affiliate links, no bs.


i don't engage in any form of shilling or deliberate bias in my writing. i don't use ai to write articles. why, you ask? - because there's no incentive. just look around my blog and you will understand. i link my references within the text itself.


tl;dr - I don't track you. verify using blacklight.

this website is hosted on codeberg, and they don't track you either. take a look at their privacy policy to understand how they handle your data.

if you use the contact form on my contact page, your contact details and the message will be encrypted before it is sent to me over email via staticforms.xyz. you can take a look at their privacy policy - https://www.staticforms.xyz/privacy.

tl;dr - they can't read your contact details or the message, but they will collect your ip address. you can use a vpn or tor to hide your ip before you click the send button. just visiting the contact page won't expose your ip address to them.

feel free to contact me if you have any questions.