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what is an rss feed?

rss (really simple syndication) is a format for displaying text, media, and other content. you might know that all websites on the internet use the html format to display content in browsers. similarly, many websites also include an rss formatted copy of their content. most browsers can't understand rss formatted content, but rss reader apps can. rss reader apps can also scan the rss feeds of the websites that you add to your list. when a website publishes new content, the reader app will notify you. together, rss feeds and rss reader apps enable you to subscribe to multiple websites and sources without disclosing your email address or phone number. you can even follow social media accounts or youtube channels with rss feeds. all you need is an rss app. some rss reader apps can sync your subscriptions to the cloud and allow you to access your subscriptions from any device.

if you are looking for apps, i would recommend feeder for android (play store link), netnewswire for apple devices and fluent reader for desktops. if you are looking for a sync service, feedbin is a good option with extra features. for a self-hosted alternative, miniflux is one of the best.


i am not a scammer or a capitalist trying to build an email list. aren't you stalking my socials already?