Minimal Dashboard that Works Across Browsers (MinDash)

Published on 05 Jun 2021 | Updated on 23 Jun 2022
Written by Pranav Chakkarwar
2 min to read

Meet MinDash. A personal, minimal dashboard that stores your bookmarks and allows you to search with multiple search engines. It can be deployed to the cloud or served from your device. It works across browsers and timezones. See demo.


  • A clean and minimal look
  • Use the choice your search engine with every search
  • Dark and light themes adjusted to your OS preferences
  • Displays the current Date and Time (detects timezone from your browser)
  • Makes no inbound or outbound connections
  • No trackers, No other BS
  • Just static files, generated using jekyll
  • Modify the look and feel as you like
    1. You need to understand jekyll for that
    2. It will get easier when I add more features
    3. Feel free to make a pull request though (repo is linked at the end)

Planned Features

  • Password protected dashboard
  • Add notes sections (saved using local storage)
  • Edit and modify bookmarks (saved using local storage)
  • Import and Export settings
  • Ability to display web based news or articles (Like XML, Atom Feeds).

Open the Dashboard on New Tabs

Customize Bookmarks

  1. Navigate to _data —> bookmarks.yml
  2. For each bookmark use the format below
- name: Anonaddy

- name: Uptime Kuma

Customize Search Engines

  1. Navigate to _data —> search.yml
  2. For each search engine use the format below
- name: Brave Search

- name: Too Much Info
  queryurl: https://toomuchinfo/search?q=

Get a Dashboard for Yourself

  1. Download the latest code
  2. Edit the _data dir as you like it.
  3. Build the site with jekyll.
  4. Host the _site folder wherever you like. I recommend using Codeberg pages or sourcehut pages
  5. To contribute, send me your patches via email.

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed this article, as there are no ads, no trackers, no paywall, no shilling, no affiliate links, and no intentional bias, but I'm not perfect. Feel free to send your feedback.